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Murder We Write
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Call for Submissions-Futures Mystery Anthology

Current plans are for publication of an anthology in trade
paperback in 2010 and then publication of an annual anthology
thereafter. The anthology may contain a few stories previously
published in FMAM as well as new short stories and novellas. We will
open to submissions for the anthology July 15, 2009. Pays a flat
rate based on word count (to be determined). If sales go over 2000 copies, then royalties will be paid in addition to the initial payment. Check the web site in April for more info.
http://www.fmam. biz

We need a catchy title for the anthology and perhaps a series name as well. I am uncertain if we will include illos for each of the stories. I have to say the last two years of FMAM in print looked really great. Might consider something similar for the anthology -- with fewer ads. Feel free to make suggestions. This is a work in progress, so to speak.

You can share the above info with your writers' lists, forums, etc.

btw, the FMAM web site is active and updated each month with columns,
articles and book reviews.
http://www.fmam. biz

Also, Twilight Times Books and Paladin Timeless Books
are open to submissions from Feb. 15th to Mar. 5th 2009. Twilight Times Books is on the MWA list of approved publishers.
http://twilighttime subs.html

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