Murder We Write

Murder We Write
SinC CCC members pose for a photo for the chapter's anthology

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Glad to Join the Party!

Hi, it's your CCC Sister who doesn't live on the coast! Thanks, Bonnie, for inviting me to post along with the rest of you.
I just returned from LCC Seattle where Kathleen Strasser and I hung out with the Kavanaughs, Sue McGinty, Susan Howe, and Marilyn and her husband, Hap. I have photos to share, but no idea how to get it on the blog (help!).
Kathleen and I will be shooting over to Morro Bay to be part of the book event. I'll be bringing copies of my novel, "Fools Rush In," as well as the Seven Deadly Sins anthology.
Hey, I've been emailing with Kathy Koppang, nobody told me she moved to SC. I caught her posting on Murder Must Advertise. And it looks like Jim Murphy and I will catch up with each other at the Cochise SinC bookfair in Arizona at the end of the month.
If any of my Sisters have short stories, I'm co-editor of Crime and Suspense ezine and we're looking for a backlog of material.

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